Your Pores are Huge! But why?

Pore Problems?

A concern that many clients bring up is the size of pores and the frequency of those worries rises as time marches on.

The definition of a pore is an opening on the surface of our skin that provides a pathway for liquids and small particles to pass.

As a rule, the flow of oils is part of the reason why they are more enlarged on the T-zone of our faces.

Here is where the problem lies, once a pore is enlarged it is not likely to lessen in circumference.

An old urban legend has been told that there are ways to change the size of the pore.

Pores have a job:

  • Secretion of oil (sebum)
  • Elimination of sweat
  • Provide a way for our skin to have a protecting barrier/layer

Even though pores maintain their size, there are steps and identifiers to help out:

  • The products you use can tell a lot about pore issues. Are the products being used too heavy or light?
  • Look at your skin; does it look good one hour and the next look bumpy?
  • If pores aren’t an issue, but the tend to clog or look bumpy, it’s important to look at the skin care regiment. There may be por clogging ingredients in what you’re using.

What can I do to help?

We’ve seen that a 4 to 6-week facial can help control pore problems.

Mixed with the facial, some form of exfoliation is great. There are many types either in physical or chemical forms such as glycolic, retinols, or some form of enzymes. Watch out that you don’t overuse these exfoliation techniques as they can be harmful.


As we age, it’s important to understand that pore skin problems can be the result of:

  • Using the wrong products
  • Not changing up the skincare routine
  • Treatments being used is not supporting goals and concerns