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Wright Surgical Arts
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Lichung Pong, PhD Acupuncture
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Val Mansfield  Licensed Massage Therapist
Touch Hope & Wellness

Therapeutic Deep Tissue, TMJ Specialty, Relaxation/Stress Reduction

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Total Fitness Connection
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West Richland Body Works
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Certified Hypnotherapy
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Super Supplements
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Amlactin: recommended for dry, flakey, ingrown hair and aging skin. Can be purchased at many pharmacies. Costco and Fred Meyer have the pump. Apply on wet skin. Watch that when purchased that is not runny which would indicate the product is not fresh. It is a 12% active ingredient so watch for no itching, burning or rash. Do not apply and immediately go out into the sun. Best at night if applying during the summer months. Amlactoin has recently come out with a blue pump container that contains ceramides that is not as strong. Another option is Eucerine Intensive Repair – as a less active exfoliate

EO Products  Nice ingredient deck for body moisturizers and body oil. Can purchase at Super Supplements and sometimes T J Maxx. It is best to go on their website and apply on their email thread…they run 2% to 30% off so you could by for the year.

SPF has an acne friendly SPF 50 mineral powder in a pump; easy to carry for active outdoor people that Amazon carries.

Priia has a great line for acne care.

Block on a Brush available on Amazon. Quick, easy, sweat/water resistant SPF. Refills available on Amazon.


Humidification is very important for reducing cost of heating your home as well as helping sinus, wood furnishings, pets, etc

The Clarisonic is another product that many clients purchase. Although Lasting Image is not totally convinced of its great value, we do recommend washing the head and thoroughly drying. Also, change brush heads regularly. The optional body brush can be purchased with the Mia or the regular size and has a nice feel to it.


All Star Health

  • Genceutic Naturals – 24hr CoQ10
  • Nordic Naturals – EPA Xtra Lemon
  • Now – Vitamin D-3 (5000IU) 120 sgels � $5.69 Reorder Qty:
  • Emerald Laboratories – CoEnzymated Adrenal Health
  • Emerald Laboratories – CoEnzymated Men’s -Women’s OR Women’s 45+ Multi Vit-A-Min
  • Opti Zinc from Amazon (acne) OR NOW on All Star 30mg
  • Dr. Mercola – Collagen from Grass Fed Beef Bone 120 caps