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    review rating 5  What can I say but 'This lady is amazing" I have had Deb tattoo my eveliner and my eyebrows. The eyeliner I have had done now for over 3 years. Besides going to her this year for a tough up they still look fresh. My eyebrows I had done this decision ever! I get more complments on how nice and natural they look. Lets face it I work full time with having to get up at 5 a.m. need I say more.. This has made my morning routine so much faster and easier. I also buy my skin care products from Deb. She takes the time to explain and show you what you need so it will work the best for you.I will ALWAYS keep going to her for her services! Next are my Lips! She's the best! Love her!

    thumb Debra Carlisle

    review rating 5  Deborah, at Lasting Beauty, has given me the skin care of my lifetime. I have spent thousands on skin care, that has been less than stellar; and grew more and more panicked as I felt my face tightening; because now, I live in the dessert and before I lived where there was a “dew point” for humidity level. Deborah gave me education, demonstrated her products on my face, and I literally felt like crying when she applied her custom blended moisturizer on my face. I no longer felt like a little drum, instead, my face felt moist as a little girls! This lady is amazing.

    thumb Joss Vanderhoof

    review rating 5  Deborah is a true professional. I have been going to Deb for waxes for well over 5 years. Prior to that, I experienced plenty of inadequate services around the Tri-Cities. Deb has a very clean and comfortable environment, prices are more than reasonable, and she is almost always right on schedule - if not she is quick to let you know. I'm busy and I appreciate that she is quick but thorough. I have never had a problem but I know if I did she would make it right without a second thought. Highly recommend!

    thumb Jennifer Nuzum

    review rating 5  I met Deb after relocating here from Colorado. It has been one of the BEST finds I have discovered here in the Tri Cities. Deb is very knowledgeable on skin types and permanent eye make up. My permanent eye makeup just would not hold, once Deb and I discussed my options it has been staying. When I think I need a touch up, I don't. I have recently started my skin care regiment and could not be happier. My husband has said "what are you doing, your face is so smooth and younger looking". I recently visited some friends out of state and they too had noticed a big difference in my skin. Thanks Deb. I highly recommend Lasting Image Face & Body.

    thumb Roger Lenk

    review rating 4  Nice staff very helpful

    thumb Tess Williams

    review rating 5  I have trusted my skin to Deborah for about 7 years now. I have spent a ton of money on products and I don't have to anymore. I have had a variety of skin problems including acne, dermatitis, redness, and now very dry sensitive skin that is still prone to breakouts. My skin is very sensitive and I have to be very careful of what I put on it and which kind of services I get. I trust Deborah's expertise and what I like best is that I never walk out feeling as though I was just "sold" a bunch of spendy products. I feel that the prices are very reasonable and she likes to keep it simple which I also like. I have had facials done, red and blue light therapy, electrolysis, and acne treatments. I broke out 2 weeks before my wedding and she cleared it up miraculously. I highly recommend Lasting Image Face and Body. It's a beautiful and relaxing environment with very professional service.

    thumb Tod K

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      Deborah has taught me the importance of waxing over shaving. I have not picked up a razor since I began to see her. She is amazing and truly is interested in what is best for her clients. I am thankful I found her through my Google searching. I would recommend her to anyone.

    thumb Sabrina R.

      I went to Lasting Image for a Brazilian wax and I was a little disappointed. Someone else basically said almost word for word what I want to say. It was clean and Debra was nice but something just felt off. Conversation was strained and she didn't wear gloves which made me feel uncomfortable. There was a little bit of phone checking and not any communication between us before she started waxing. She was efficient but I wasn't super comfortable.

    thumb Tate S.

      Love Deborah she's the only gal i will go to for my stuff shall I say!  Also here moisturizers & cleansers she offers & has on hand for her clients are amazing.  Only brands I will now use!

    thumb Ginger C.

      Came in for a Brazilian and was anticipating the pain.  Deborah was amazing. Super comfortable to be with especially when all ur bits are exposed lol.  She works super quickly so the pain is short lived. Extremely satisfied with the service and pricing is very reasonable.  Def would recommend for any waxing service.

    thumb Nadezhda M.

      I've tried so many topical products from face washes to exfoliant to spot treatments and nothing worked, my acne was constant and it really disrupted my self confidence . I visited dermatologist and they all just handed me product, one didn't even touch my face or examine it. Then I heard about lasting image from a friend and thought I'd give it a try Debora examined my face carefully and came up with a plan for my skin she was fantastic! My acne disappeared within just 2 months she worked wonders. She always wanted feedback she is very accessible she even encourages texting her with progress or problems. I would recommend her to anyone with acne or skin problems she's no doubt the best around !

    thumb Kylie S.

      I had a facial here, done by Deborah, and it was amazing.  I am already eager to book another appointment.

    First off, you can schedule appointments online!  I can't make outside calls during work, and I work during normal business hours with no lunch, so being able to book an appointment at 6:30 in the morning was a huge bonus.  Plus you can see what's available and choose the best one for your schedule.
    Secondly, the place was clean.  I didn't see any dust bunnies anywhere, Deborah followed all standard sanitary procedures before/during the appointment and the table/bed thing had sheets that she changed each time, instead of awkward paper put down.  It felt more luxurious than other spas and massage places I have been to.
    Thirdly, Deborah was extremely knowledgeable about every product she used, and explained them all to me so I could understand the whole process and know what was being used on my skin.  She also didn't make me feel even the slightest bit guilty over my practically nonexistent skin care routine, and complimented my skin, adding suggestions that didn't ever feel overwhelming.
    Most importantly, in my opinion, Deborah never tried to sell me any products.  She gave me a free sample, and the name of a website I can use to research products, and told me the names of what she was using, but was never like, "Oh, I'm using this product and if you want nice skin you have to buy it for a million dollars."  I ended up buying a moisturizer from her, and she said if it wasn't making my skin feel like I wanted it to, I could bring it in and she would replace it with something else or add something to it to make it work better (honestly, I don't really know what that means, but she sounded knowledgeable and confident about it, so I'll trust her) for free.

    Going here was such a great experience, I'm planning on taking my mom as soon as possible!

    thumb Alex J.

      I've been seeing Deborah since I moved here 2+ years ago and she is awesome! I appreciate her willingness to work with me and my changing needs - my skin started to break out really badly because of the drier climate here and  I was freaking out! She knew just what to do and was very patient while I tried her Right-On suggestions.  Once my breakouts were under control, I began getting facials and chemical peels- all with terrific results.  On top of it all, she is such a warm, kind person that you never feel unheard or judged.  I am so happy I found her because I will never need to go anywhere else! 😀

    thumb Lana B.

      Deborah is professional and experienced! She is interested in what is best for you not her bottom line!

    thumb Linda D.

      I've seen her for years for Brazilian and full leg waxes. Lately the last 2 years full leg waxes she is very professional and caring lady. She goes over and beyond to make sure all the wax is off and lets you find any stray hairs before she's done. Although every time I sit up I see nothing until I'm outside and the natural sunlight hits my legs just right I might see a few strays I just pluck them out with tweezers. She's a beautiful positive person and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Jason B.

      I used to get my waxing done in Seattle and I absolutely loved the lady I went to, but that was too much of a drive for something that I want to do frequently like this.

    With that being said, I was nervous to go somewhere new for a Brazilian. However, Deborah had many wonderful reviews so I made an appointment which was very simple to do.

    As a plus, Deborah was right on time, everyone was chipper, and the office was very clean. Great start.

    Now comes the complaining... When you walk into the room, it is very well lit which made me a bit uncomfortable. Definitely not why I marked down in stars, it's a personal preference (I'm used to the dim lighting at my old place) so I figured that would be helpful to share.

    The wax experience itself was painful but that's typical. Deborah was nice and kept the conversation going but I did feel rather uncomfortable the whole time which was not typical for me at my old place, not sure if it was the atmosphere or what. Maybe it was the fact that the door was cracked open the whole time, or that she had me stand up half naked in front of her to gather my things instead of excusing herself so I could put my clothes back on. I mean, I know she's giving me a Brazilian here but the slightest bit of privacy would of been appreciated.

    The main reason I gave three stars is because I am not at all satisfied with the aftermath. Looking now, there are bunches of long hairs all over. Now, I do understand that some hairs were too short to wax BUT at my old place, they would tweeze those as best they could and I was never left with any hair. The area is also very red, bumpy, and irritated which is not typical after waxing for me. It looks more like I got a bad shave rather than a wax.

    I'm very sorry to give such a bad rating, but sadly, I will not be a returning customer. It was uncomfortable, the wax was rough, and it doesn't even look like I was properly waxed.

    Update: bumping review up one star because she is easy to compromise with. She was able to give me a full refund fairly quickly and I do appreciate that.

    thumb Cici L.

Client Stories & Testimonials

Deborah Dassion is the first professional who has truly helped me improve my skin. Adult acne had become a part of my life I embarrassingly and painfully thought I had to live with! Deborah’s ability to treat skin comes from her genuine interest in healing and helping which manifests into two key areas of skincare: the products used at home and the treatments given at Lasting Image. Let me tell you how Deborah’s approach to these two areas is different.


Prior to working with Deborah I had succumbed to women at department store counters, purchasing entire lines of expensive products! I’ve tried every drugstore product, tried making my own products, tried TV and home-business ordered products . Many dollars and plenty of hope have been wasted thinking “maybe these products will work”. The products that Deborah found for my skin actually work to treat my acne because she spent time getting to know my specific skin needs and reading the ingredients in the products. She researched and ordered products just for me to try. My products might not work for someone else – Deborah’s objective is finding products just for me and she does this for all of her clients. She gives samples when appropriate and wanted my feedback. She is a skin care professional, not a sales representative, she wants you to have products that help you.


I am no stranger to spending hundreds of dollars for “packages” of lasers and peels. Upscale salons with “signature facials”, fancy decorations, gongs, hot stones, silk robes and aroma therapy have cleared my wallet faster than they’ve cleared my skin. Deborah discussed my skin care goals and customized treatments along with agreements for my financial concerns saving me time and money. I enjoyed the relaxing environment after my busy schedule. My husband was honestly happy when I told him what I had spent after my last treatment with Deborah because he could see the improvement in my skin and knows how much I’ve spent on treatments from other previous places. With Deborah, you come in for what your skin needs not whatever she’d like to bill you for next; her integrity is inspirational and her treatments are effective.
The difference I have seen in my skin after visiting Deborah for treatments and trying the products she has found for me is amazing. As a business owner myself, I am equally impressed with the way Deborah runs her business for the benefit of her clients. Let Deborah Dassion take you and your skin on a journey towards healing, wellness and beauty. You will benefit from her desire to help you and enjoy the trip!

M. SmithKennewick, WA

I have always been self conscious about my lips. This insecurity caused me to wear lipstick and lip liner constantly. I believe the insecurity came from my lips being very thin and lacking color. In fact, the color of my lips actually blended into my skin tone causing me to look as if if I didn’t wear something.

Approximately 5 years ago, I had my lips tattooed by a local permanent make-up facility. At this time, I was able to have a dental hygiene person put several shots in my mouth to lessen the expected pain. As a result, I ended up falling asleep while the procedure was taking place. Afterwards my lips swelled unbelievably large. I have small lips to begin with, so I was naturally quite shocked and in significant pain over the next few days until the swelling went down. My intent was to have a dark deep pink color. In the end, I had several purple blotches, a thick purple liner which was slightly uneven on the lower corners of my mouth. Although I achieved more color than I had, I was still self conscious about the results and continued to wear lipstick and liner over it.

Recently Debra Dassion corrected the purple blotches and liner. She did this by countering purple with a coral color. The next step will be to add color. However, I can honestly say that the experience is markedly different from my first procedure. There was minimal swelling that lasted one night, minimal pain with only topical anesthetic, and best of all the purple discolorations are gone. I am no longer self conscious as I have normal color, natural looking but slightly larger lips as a result of taking the liner to the outward edges. I love it and look forward to adding more color for the final result. At this point, I am very impressed with Debra’s ability, as my shape has never been better and the color is so much better than ever before. I have already and continue to highly recommend Debra for anyone considering this procedure.


I am not a person who typically puts on makeup. For forty years I could not wait to get home so I could remove my one nod to vanity: lipstick. It came off before the shoes. I did not like the feel of lipstick and was always frustrated by how often it had to be reapplied. Although the “all day” color did last better, it dried my lips so terribly.  Now with a very natural permanent lip color I look better, I am far more comfortable, and I have the option of wearing lipstick for a different look only when it suits me. Best of all, I have the confidence of knowing that my face has some nice color at any time of the day or night.

Contrary to what most women may think, having permanent color added to one’s lips is really very easy. And having the convenience of “get up, get dressed, get going” is such a joy. If you are thinking of having permanent appearance enhancement, I truly believe you cannot find anyone more knowledgeable, meticulous, and careful. You has made my lips look wonderful, and my self esteem has grown. In three days I’m coming back for eye makeup and even a greater boost to my self image. It couldn’t be any easier or safer than allowing you to work your magic. I can’t wait to see the new and improved me.


“I just want to thank you for all the care you have given to me and my mother. Before I came to you I was feeling old and washed out and I guess a little washed up. With the facials and the knowledge you have given me I have a new confidence.

The three skin products you have recommended have brightened my skin and it looks and feels amazing. The cleanser is so fantastic I can’t imagine a day without it. It makes my face feel hydrated and fresh and youthful. I have spent so much money on skin care products that have done nothing at all. Now I have three products that I will never be without. My mom feels the same way. You have given us knowledge and care not only for our skin but for our entire well being. Thank you for caring and sharing. You are truly an asset to the community. I hope to have a lasting friendship with you.”

M. E. & M. S.Kennewick, WA

If you’ve never considered permanent make-up you should. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself. It has now been a few weeks since my visit to see you requesting a transformation from fading facial features to the exciting rejuvenated look you gave me.

I was so honored to have you perform with ease the perfect eye liner and the natural permanent lip color just like I had when I was in my twenties. It took off at least 10 years! Everyone who’s seen me is impressed. I love to get up in the morning now, plus having a “wash and go” face saves me time & money! What was the most rewarding of all of this was how you made me feel. Your care and gentleness relaxed me and the results of your incredible art work help to bring back my self esteem. I marvel at the results and am pleased with the gift I gave myself, a visit to Deborah Dassion, the amazing permanent make up artist.

C. SpannerTri-Cities

This is an actual photo of my beautiful lips directly after tattooing.  Deborah did a wonderful job!  I had my lip liner tattooed seven years ago and the difference between the two experiences was dramatic – I did not have any swelling, scabbing (followed by peeling) or scarry patchy areas following treatment.  I love the color of my lips.  I have the color of youth and love it!

N. HustonPasco, WA

Permanent makeup is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. In my experience, you will not find a better artist for your procedure than Deborah Dassion.

She has given me perfectly shaped brows and beautiful full colored lips that I am complimented on time and again. I would do this again in a minute and recommend her to anyone who wants the confidence and time savings that permanent makeup can bring.

AlyssaEnterprise, OR