lips01Lip Liner

There is nothing more attractive than nicely defined healthy lips. Permanent cosmetics are ideal procedures to restore lost shape and color.

Lip Restore is a popular procedure that gives you the natural color and shape you had in youth. The lip line is redefined, correcting irregularities and helps prevent lipstick from bleeding. Then a gentle feathering soft coloring technique is used that gently grades the color into the rest of the lip.

This beautiful technique is a natural lip appearance restoration procedure correcting the natural lip shape that erodes as we age and reinstates soft color into age faded lips.

Full Color Lips

This procedure begins with a lip liner and the entire inside of the lip is also filled with color. Many women notice that as they age, lips can appear smaller and paler. Lip liner and Full Lip Color is a smooth, youthful look that gives lips an even tone that can combat these effects of aging. This procedure can vary from the most soft and natural tones to a very dramatic look.

Once you decide to have your lips enhanced
it is important for you to first read the Guidelines for General Make-up Procedure.

Not reading and following these procedures may delay your procedure.


General Notes:

  • Lasting Image does not recommend lip liners ever as when you grow older you will tend to lose your natural lip line. On some clients there may be a small area that lining cannot be done.
  • A consultation is required before any procedures will be performed.

Day Of:

  • Your design will be created by using a permanent marker once the cosmetic tattoo is started. You will be a part of the procedure so that your consent is required before the design is started.

Post Procedure:

  • To reduce swelling, the use of ice in a plastic bag after procedure is recommended.
  • Avoid biting, licking (as much as possible), and peeling your lips. Some of the tissue will remove easily and some flaking may require a longer heal time.
  • Lips will require six weeks to heal before any touchups. They also require three passes if you desire a more opaque appearance.

Remember to also follow the General Post-Procedure Guidelines.