FAQ for Permanent Makeup

Which features can be enhanced? Lasting Image Makeup can perform enhancements on your brows (filling in and defining color, creating the look of hair); your eyes (eyeliner, eyelash enhancement or lid color); your lips (redefining the lip line or adding color) or add beauty marks.

Are the enhancements really permanent? In a permanent makeup treatment, pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. While the color may fade over the years, it is still permanent. You can reduce the effects of fading by protecting your skin and using an appropriate beauty regimen. Enhancements can also be touched up periodically to revive the color.

How long will my permanent makeup enhancements last? Permanent makeup is quite long-lasting; however, there are variables that can affect the look of your enhancement. Lighter-colored enhancements will fade more over time than darker-colored ones. Your beauty regimen is also essential to maintaining the vibrancy of your original enhancements: for example, using products that protect your skin from the sun will help to reduce fading. We will work together to create a regimen that will ensure the longest-lasting enhancement possible.

What if my enhancement differs from what I had expected? Most people find that, initially, the color of their enhancement seems darker than anticipated. However, this is a normal part of the healing process and the color will soften, usually within a few weeks, depending on the individual. If you have any concerns in regards to the color of shape of your enhancements, these can be addressed during a follow-up appointment.

Is permanent makeup painful? Lasting Image Face and Body utilizes state of the art topical anesthetics and analgesics that have been developed specifically for permanent makeup treatments. These creams and gels will be applied before and during the procedure to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. As these products to take time to achieve efficacy, rest assured that your appointment will not be rushed. If you experience any discomfort after the procedure, ice packs or over-the-counter pain relievers are useful.

What can I expect in the initial consultation? Your first appointment will serve as a consultation, to discuss which procedures will best enhance your features, your expectations and goals, and to answer any questions you may have. Please wear your makeup as you normally would to the consultation. It may be possible to begin the permanent makeup treatment right away; this depends on the individual. Lasting Image Face and Body focuses on communication and understanding to guarantee the best results.

Will my enhancements look natural? Your enhancements will reflect your individual taste and style. Some clients prefer a more natural, subtle look; others prefer a more dramatic, made-up look. Whatever your preferences, both the consultation and treatment will be centered on your expected results. During the treatment, you will have a mirror and be able to watch as the color is applied. A good portion of clients want procedures that look completely natural, as if nothing had been done at all. We have many options for such a natural look: for example, one of my favorite techniques is a Lash Enhancement, which gives a subtly-defined eye without looking harsh or sharp, by placing pigment right in the lash line. A darker pigment can be placed on the upper lash and a softer pigment on the lower – still allowing definition without that sharp line look. Lasting Image is proud to offer Haloâ„¢ pigments, which create a powdery, soft look. Whether you are looking for a natural or dramatic look, you will save time every day. Just imagine not having to carefully draw on eyeliner every morning!

How long is the recovery time? It is not unusual to be able to go about your normal day after a brow or eyeliner procedure. Lip procedures can be a bit more sensitive, and thus depend on the individual client: for example, some clients may experience more swelling and redness, others less. If you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores it is best to use a prescribed treatment to avoid outbreaks after treatment. Healing time varies, but for most people, it takes a couple days to feel normal, and for the swelling and redness and dissipate. Full true color may not show for up to a month. What will the applied color look like? Because it is easier to add color and difficult to take away, I will be conservative in the initial application of your new color. Take advantage of the consultation to discuss your wants and needs: your cooperation and input will largely determine the end result of your procedure. Remember it is a team effort!

What if I am considering plastic surgery? Cosmetic surgery is desirable for many reasons, and permanent makeup can be complementary to such treatments. If you are considering plastic surgery, please discuss this during your consultation as it may impact the manner of treatment. For example, some laser or skin resurfacing treatments can alter the color of permanent makeup treatments, so it is better to perform the permanent makeup procedure later. Advise your physician or practitioner of any permanent makeup treatments, as well.

Can I afford permanent makeup? A Lasting Image permanent makeup enhancement is an investment in you, one which will pay off for years to come. Although it may be possible to find cheaper treatment options, in the long run the quality and technique of a Lasting Image enhancement will more than recompense any difference in initial cost. During the consultation and the treatment, you can be assured that your concerns and expectations are paramount. Deborah Dassion is a certified and trained professional who utilizes the highest-quality pigments and tools and maintains OSHA standards of sterilization. She is certified by the Society of Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP ).

Who can benefit from permanent makeup treatments? Cosmetic makeup can benefit anyone who would like to improve their appearance: * Physically active people who don’t want to worry about (re)applying makeup every day * Men and women with alopecia who have lost eyebrows or eyelashes * Chemotherapy patients who have lost some or all of their facial hair * Post-surgical patients who want a reconstruction or redefinition of facial features * People who have difficulty applying makeup because of motor impairments * People with sensitive skin that are thus limited in their cosmetic options * Models, actresses and entertainers * Mothers, busy professionals, or anyone who wants to simply look their best.

What should I look for in a permanent makeup professional? In Washington State, tattooing is regulated by the Department of Health. There is no prescribed requirement for training although new regulations are being formed. The primary focus in this state is clearly health and safety regulations and controls. The selection of a trained, credentialed technician is at the discretion of the person seeking the service. At Lasting Image Face and Body the room was specifically designed for OSHA requirements to avoid contamination. There is great concern that communication with desired result is of paramount importance. As a professional, looking forward to what will continue to be an enhancement for the client for years to come. Lasting Image wants your finished procedure to be complete so no further need of any cosmetic aids are needed.

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