eyes1_Eyeliner designs vary from just a darkened lash line which leaves no sign of tattooing on the eyelid, to a full eyeliner. Upper and lower eyeliner adds depth and definition to the eyes. The pigment is added above and below the lashes, creating a smooth, flawless line.

The application of HALO eyeliner for your upper eye provides a darkened lash line and is then followed with a lighter shade applied on top of the darker lash line. This halo creates a very soft and natural appearing permanent eye liner.

With any permanent cosmetic tattooing the eye line area will appear darker, somewhat thicker and be a bit swollen immediately after the procedure. The color will gradually lighten within a few days of healing.

Once you decide to have your eyes enhanced it is important for you to first read the Guidelines for General Make-up Procedure.

Not reading and following these procedures may delay your procedure.


General Notes:

    • If you have plugged or blocked tear ducts or allergies that cause itchy eyes or a need for frequent eye drops, it may be possible that your procedure will not hold.
    • Eyeliner will take two to three total treatments (initial plus two touch ups) in most cases. You may peel or flake some pigment off so do not be alarmed.
    • It may require additional treatments if you want a more opaque (dense) appearance.


    • Prior eye conditions, surgeries (Lasik, upper or lower eyelid surgery, cornea issues), lens repair, or eye medications should be identified prior to any permanent makeup eyeliner procedures. It is recommended to wait at least 6 months after any of these conditions/treatments before eye liner permanent makeup treatment and we will not work on anyone that has plugged tear ducts.
    • Also, your eyelid will be too sensitive to work on if you are using a lash growth serum such as Latisse. I recommend waiting two to three weeks after discontinuing use of these products before any treatment. Work cannot be done on those that have lashes applied until they are removed for ten days.
    • Another recommendation is to not use baby oil (mineral oil) or heavy creams for two days before your procedure.

Day Of:

    • Please wear your liner for your first visit so that your style can be evaluated. Design will be discussed and it is helpful to consider what will look good ten years from now. Either a light application of mascara or no mascara helps us see the design. A new tube of mascara is better to use after procedure.
    • Also bring in any eye creams that you may be using to determine if there are any hidden exfoliates.
    • Do not wear contacts the day of treatment, as the pigment and numbing agents are not good for eye contact.

Post Procedure:

    • When you apply your healing salve to your eyeliner make sure that you do not overload the area and keep it out of your eye.
    • You must wait at least a month after your last procedure before any touchups.